Our personalized expery legal guidance, combined with our selection of homes, chosen on the basis of years of experience and our extensive knowledge of the region, are what make DREAMCHALET so unique.

DREAMCHALET INTERNATIONAL S.A. has been founded by Charles G. Koopman LL.M (1958 – 2011). Charles was an attorney in the Netherlands – The Hague court district – with over 28 years’ experience. He has had extensive legal en practical experience working with clients and colleagues abroad as well managing business affairs concerning foreign real estate, particularly in Switzerland


Christian Koopman, MSc. is responsible for the acquisition, sales, development and marketing in Valais (Switzerland) of Dreamchalet International S.A.
Christian has graduated from the Technical University of Delft in The Netherlands in Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences in the field of Real Estate & Housing, after having studied Architecture at the Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio in Switzerland and has worked previously in a renowned architectural office in Glasgow, Scotland.

He speaks Dutch, English, Italian, French and moderate German.


Our Interior Decorating Service HOME SWISS HOME is led by Maura Facchetti, an Italian interior stylist. Words that help define her style include: warm, welcoming, cozy, detailed, balanced, functional, precise and layered.

She will help you to make your dream chalet both comfortable and stylish.   Unlike other interior design services, Home Swiss Home service goes that little bit extra: we will buy for you all the little things you need in a new home. Home Swiss Home takes care of everything and takes the pressure off you. You will feel at home from the first moment you step inside!